Motorcycles to travel with

Because we are bikers above all, we have selected the motorcycles with which we would like to travel.  Corse Moto Location offers you recent or new models, over-equipped (top case, suitcases, GPS supports and usb plugs on the Tourer and Tracer models), revised and guaranteed.

The rates are also well cared for, with fair prices and options to buy back deductibles so that you can take to the road with peace of mind.

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Rent different

Riding in Corsica is a unique experience. From the beach to the mountains in a few minutes, from narrow passes to tracks that will lead you to heavenly coves, as many different landscapes as motorcyclists to satisfy.  That's why we offer models you won't find anywhere else. 


Then choose the MT-07 Tracer or the Kawasaki Versys. Comfort and autonomy, high bubble and duo suspensions. Two rigid side cases to carry your stuff. A top case to store your helmets.

Rental from 80 €/day for the 700cc, with sliding scale rates and a choice from 50cc to 700cc scooters. Each offer includes one or two helmets, top cases and locks.

Economical scooters from 45€/day

LA DOLCE VITA ! For tight budgets you have the choice between different 50cc and 125cc scooters. Economical, reliable and modern, the scooter is the ideal two-wheeler for your vacations.     From 45 €/day for the 50cc don't hesitate!  All our scooters come with a top case to store your belongings, helmet and locks. A place under the saddle is provided for your helmet. You just have to take the road.

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Price starts with  all included insurance with 1500€ DEPOSIT/Motorbike and 1000 €/scooter (125cc only)  


We offer TWO options :


- Option GOLD 10 €/day :

It covers 100% of the damages caused with a third. In the event of responsible accident, stealing,  fire, your responsibility is limited by an excess from 900 €/MOTO and 550€/scooter. Deposit by CB (not charged)


 - Option PREMIUM (recommended)


It covers 100% of the damages caused with a third. In the event of responsible accident, stealing,  fire, your responsibility is limited by an excess from 450 €/MOTO and 35€/scooter. Deposit by CB (not charged)


A third party insurance is proposed only. In case of accident, you will be responsible for the repairs. A deposit of 900 euros is required by credit card. It's not charged, only in case of damages.

Bastia Airport


Our agency is located in Bastia downtown, on the port TOGA near the commercial port.  The vehicles are only available in our agency (not at the airport). If you arrive by the commercial port of Bastia, our office are at 2 mn by walk (see the map in the CONTACT section).

From the airport, there is bus to the train station of Bastia city center, then 10 mn walk from our agency.

There are also cabs from the airport.



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MYTHICAL     Mythical itineraries, a feeling of freedom. The pleasure of traveling by motorbike in exceptional Corsica landscapes ...

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Avoid the headache of preparing for a motorcycle trip, costly revisions, breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. By renting your bike with us, it's a guarantee to enjoy 100% of your trip. You will take advantage of the advice of our agency to make you discover the most beautiful ROAD of Corsica .